We choose our top 5 favorite Photoshop YouTube
channels. If you are interested in learning or improving
your Photoshop abilities, these YouTube channels
should be your first step.
Also included are our Top 10 Best Repair and
Restore Photoshop Tutorials along with our Top 10
Restoration and Repair Tips

Best Photoshop Tutorial Youtube Channels

Photoshop Preset Charts

We have made charts for  Photoshop brushes,
Photoshop custom shapes, Photoshop patterns,
Photoshop gradients, and Photoshop styles presets.
You can use these charts as a quick reference to help
you see at a glance what presets are available in
The brushes and custom shapes are organized by
category. If you are not sure which category your preset
item is in, you can find it easily. There are many valuable
presets available in Photoshop and these charts will help
you explore and identify them.

Photoshop Tutorial Road Tests

We take one image and process it using 4 or 5
different tutorials to compare results. For example,
there are many tutorials on making a sketch from a
photo, but there are only a handfull of methods used.
Some methods used are the Color Dodge-Invert
method, the Motion Blur-Invert Method, the Divide-
BlendMode, Method, the Custom Filter Method. We
have chosen representative tutorials for each method.
We have tutorial road tests for Photo to Sketch,
Photo to Watercolor, and Photo to HDR.

Photoshop Tips, Tutorials and Resources

This is the companion site to the MagicalFruitTuts YouTube video channel which provides Photoshop Tutorials. Included are topics and resources our viewers and subscribers may find of interest.

3D Material Samples Panel

  A Photoshop CC 3D Materials Sample Panel is provided. You can sample the default 3D materials as well as the free additonal 3D Materials provided by Adobe.
  A fully rendered sample of every material applied to a model is available through interfacing with the content panel.

Photoshop Tutorials and Supplements

MagicalFruitTuts has a video channel on YouTube. On this site are some web page versions of the tutorials as well as supplementary information, downloads, and project ideas. Included is an webpage version of the Stuck in Photoshop tutorial, as well as download templates and project ideas for the Divide a Circle into Equal Segments tutorial.
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