Photoshop Watercolor Filter

This was done using the watercolor filter in Photoshop. Settings were Brush Detail - 6, Shadow Intensity - 0, and Texture -2. Nothing fancy, I just brightened it up a bit using levels.
Result using standard Photoshop Watercolor Filter
How to Photoshop a photo to a watercolor painting Example Picture

How to Photoshop a photo to a watercolor painting

There are many diffierent methods to acheive a watercolor painting from a photo.
Here are some excellent tutorals that demonstrate the methods. Below the tutorial link and description is the above example picture that I processed using the methods in that tutorial.
This is a nice effect. I followed the author's instructions exactly. I downloaded the parchment paper texture and the watercolor brushes as listed in the video comments. The brushes are nice and I will use them in the future. The effect is simple to do and if you have any artisic ability, I am sure you could do the brush strokes better than I did. Nice idea here. You could experiment with other paper textures besides parchment and get nice results.
Result using Photoshop CS5 - Cool Watercolor Effect by montagical
This Youtube tutorial utilizes Glowing Edges, Invert, Desaturation and other techniques. The author also walks you thru putting the image on a seperate background holder file. I added a Watercolor texture with the Texturizer, you could use a canvas or sandstone texture also.
result using Photoshop CS5 water colour effect tutorial by Maxpower285
Result using 10 Steps Transform Photo into Watercolor Painting by Aaron
This is a web tutorial that uses Smart Blur, Glowing Edges Filter and various inversions and blending modes. Some paint brush work is required but it is minimal. Also the Photoshop Watercolor filter is used however it is blended and has its opacity reduced.
The method used here is simple to use and allows for easy modifications. Basically you make 3 copies of the picture. First layer use Cutout Filter with Luminosity Blending, Second layer use Filter-Artistic-Drybrush with Screen Blending, and Third layer use Filter-Noise-Median with Soft Light Blending. I tweaked with a Levels Adjustment layer, then added texture with the Texturizer.
Result using Create a Water Color Effect with photos using Photoshop by ahaldotcom