TutorVid.com has a wealth of photoshop video tutorials. Just about all the videos are Photoshop related. Their Playlist categorizes the videos by beginner, intermediate, and in-depth. Additionally on the playlist are four videos in a category called Photoshop 101 which would be helpfull to a rank beginner.
TutorVid.com Photoshop Tutorials Channel
Another category is Learn Photoshop in 60 seconds, these are a series of about 40 videos, showing concepts such as How to Rotate a layer, How to resize a selection, etc. Which would be handy if you quickly just wanted to know how to achieve a certain task.
A few of my favorite videos are Photoshop Tutorial- How to Repair an Old Photo [In Depth] Intermediate and Photoshop Tutorial : Selective Desaturation [In-Depth]
   This is one of the best Youtube photoshop tutorial channels. It is run by Marty Geller who in my opinion is the consumate professional. Marty was an artist and animator for Late Nite with Connan O'Brien TV show for 15 years. The videos are project oriented. There are projects for emblems, special effects, text effects, holiday projects and  many others.
Blue Lightning TV Photoshop Tutorial Channel
Every time I walk thru a project, I learn some new techniques. The videos are well produced. Settings are enlarged and circled, and shortcut keys are displayed. Mr. Zeller has a  pleasant interesting delivery and has the knack of making a difficult task easy by breaking it down to simple steps.
Many times I will be looking for a technique in Photoshop and then remember seeing it used in a Blue Lightening TV video project. I then look for that project and replay it.
In many cases files are provided in the description. Also links to free resources are mention in the tutorials. I can't think of any better way to learn Photoshop than learning as you actually work on a project. Recently there have been new videos produced 2 or 3 times per week.
Gavin Hoey is a photographer who is a expert at Photoshop. He has a pleasant engaging personality and also seems to be talking directly to you as he is explaining methods. His playlist for Photoshop Tips and tricks has 53 videos, all of which are very instructive.
Gavin Hoey Photoshop channel
Topics include borders, special effects, projects, lighting effects, montages and others.
Gavin has a pleasant delivery and a nice (if now weird) sense of humor. Videos that I especially like are
Wrap a texture or pattern around an object (displacement map) and Secret message hidden in a photo with Photoshop tutorials

Howard Pinsky Ice Flow Studios tutorials channel
The videos are well produced and done in an engaging manner. I especially like Howard's mantra of non-destructive methods to producing a result.
Ice Flow Studio seems to be constantly pushing the envelope, besides a website and facebook pages, there is now an I-phone app available.
A few of my favorite videos are 1950s Pin Up in Photoshop and Non-Destructive Cropping (which I did not realize was possible)
Howard Pinsky has been running the Ice Flow Studios channel since at least 2008. Most of the videos are Photoshop tutorials, however Illustrator and Lightroom and some other categories are represented. The Photoshop videos cover a large amount of topics including photo touchup, text effects, 3D design, designing, effects, and basic. Just about every topic is represented.  

These are the best overall YouTube Photoshop Tutorial Channels and Playlists

Below are our selections for the top 5 Photoshop Tutorial Channels.
Adobe Photoshop YouTube Channel

This is the place to go to get the skinny on specific features, including features available in new versions of Photoshop.The main Adobe Photoshop Channel has many interesting playlists, including Photoshop Hidden Gems which features things you might not be aware exist in Photoshop.  There is also a playlist for Photoshop Touch the iPad app tutorials.
   If you have some time on your hands and you really want to learn a lot about Photoshop, this is the best place to go.
Some of my favorite tutorials The Power of Smart Objects - this 49 minute tutorial shows you everything you need to know about Smart Objects. I also like Customizing the Photoshop Interface. This 28 minute tutorial tells you everything you need to know about setting up the interface to your needs.  I did not realize how flexible the Photoshop Interface is.You can actually make multiple customizations and name them to your liking. Most things can simple be dragged or double-clicked to effect a customization.
These are videos from Adobe that are professionally done and excellent for explaining concepts and new features.