Old Photo Restoration Video
Old photo restoration video

Photoshop Tutorial- How to Repair an Old Photo [In Depth] Intermediate.

Excellent overall methodology to repair an old faded scratchy photo. Uses curves adjustments to first tone down  overcolors. Use of dust and scratches filter. Uses patch tool to fix larger scratches and tears. He also show a method to adjust curves for a specific area.
Photoshp Photo Restoration 3

These are the best tutorials we found that show you how to repair a photo, restore photos, and how to fix a photo

We found all of these photo shop tutorials very helpfuly in restoring and repairing photos.
Photo Repair and Restoration video tutorials
How to Repair Old Photo Video

Healing brushes, Patch tool tricks: Photoshop retouching

This tutorial concentrates on cleaning spots and blemishes from faces using the spot healing and healing brush as well as the patch tool. Nice easy explainations, plus a few power tips.
Healing brushes and patch tool tricks

Old Photo Restoration

by rberg
This tutorial is mainly about tweaking a faded  
photograph. Rberg has a knack for explaining  
things as if he was talking directly to you. He has  
mastered the art of explaining his thought  
processes while he is showing you how to do  
something. He covers how to sharpen up faded  
photo using channel mixer to adjust red green and  
blue channels.

Photoshop - Photo Restoration 3

The third lesson in the Photoshop photo-retouching tutorials. Learn the major tools associated with retouching and digital refurbishing of photographs.

The author gives a comprehensive demo of the clone stamp tool and its uses.

Adobe Photoshop tutorial - old photo restoration part 1

This is spoken version of this video which orignally was timelapse. Nice techniques. Healing brush, clone stamp, filling in missing areas.

you can get part 2
Bryan Burch

Photoshop:Old Photo Repair

   This tutorial deals with repairing rips, scratches,  
and improving the overall quality of an older image.
   The author does a good job of explaining use of the  
spot healing tool and the clone stamp tool - When to  
use them and when not to. He speeds up some of  
the repair work to save your time. Once repaired he  
shows how to use, adjustment layers for levels,  
black and white and hue and saturation to tweak the  
over look of the photo.
Photoshop Old Photo Repair Video

Top 10 Restoration and Repair Tips

Top 10 Restoration and Repair Tips
2. Use history panel to save headaches later.
1. Scan at at least 300 dpi.  Always save orignal layer. Maintain the integrity of the pictue by always using original textures and objects to fix.
3.  Remove Dust and scratches on entire picture, then mask back faces and details.
4.  Use Blur tool for neck and face shadow creep.
5.  Spot healing brush works well on right angles, also make brush as small as possible to cover scratch or mark.
7.  Use existing body areas to repair their opposite missing or damaged areas.
8.  Use original object from picture, i.e. bushes, sky, shoes, hair, etc. To fill in missing areas.
9.  Create a texture from a flat area of the original picture, then when the picture is finished use it in the texturizer tool.
10.  Use channel mixer to sharpen faded sepia photo. Also consider HDR Toning.
6.  Use patch tool to repair flat areas, also remember fade option for patch and other tools.

Retouching Damaged Photo

Photoshop teacher walks you thru restoring an antique photo.Exellent information and presentation. Including history panel and other non-destructive techniques

Photoshop CS5 Restoration Part 04 - HDR Toning

Most restoration tuts do not mention HDR Toning. This seems an excellent tool to enhance your restoration. TheMatbook  demonstrates HDR Toning including Toning and curve adjustment within HDR ajustments to acheive a nice effect.

Adding highlights are addressed in Part 03
Mathew Brown
Retouching Damaged Photo Video
CS5 Restoration HDR Toning Video