I started with the 16 equal segments circle, then placed overlapping cirles in the center.

Text was accomplished with the pen tool by creating a small path then placing text on the path.
My Favorite things Age 5 Circular Design
16 Favorite Things Project
This is a nice project you can do for a child. Maybe do one every year and see how things change over time.
I started with the 10
segment circle. Then
modified with small outer
circles and then a larger
outer circle. The template
is available for download
The possiblities are
endless with this as there
are so many top 10 ideas
out there. I.e. top ten
favorite people, movies,
youtube videos, songs,
artists,tv shows, foods,
recipies, etc. You can
even put your result on a
web page and have each
small circle linked to urls.

Top 10 Project

Family Pets Circular Design
10 segment circle

Divide a Circle into equal segments Project Page

The purpose of this page is to give you some further ideas and resources in connection with my video tutorial: "divide a circle into an equal amount of odd or even segments with Photoshop.. We provide sample project ideas for using the segmented circles. Also we provide downolads of various circle concepts to get you started.
thumbnail 10 segment circle
thumbnail 12 Segment circle
thumbnail 16 segment circle
These are 300 ppi files in .jpg format Size is 8" square. You can place or copy them into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and modify them as you wish. Click the download link below the picture to download the higher resolution picture, do not "save target as as" you will get a low resolution file if you do.

Downloadable free templates.

Making an equally segmented circle in Photoshop

If you wish to make your own segmented circle, you can follow my video below.  The procedure in the tutorial allows you to make a cirle with either an even or an odd number of equal segments.
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