Step 7 - Apply Surface Blur

After merging the touchup and posterized layer and renaming to  work. Make Smart object, then Choose filter - blur- surface blur 21,72
apply surface blur
Add a pattern overlay layer style to the work layer. Choose Herringbone2 pattern at 21% opacity, and 100% scale.  normal or linear light blend Apply. Other patterns that may work well with this image - Waffle, Weave4, Burlap, Denim (gray), and Stucco.

Step 8 - Add Herringbone2 Pattern

apply pattern overlay
Optional- If the original image has color in it, Duplicate the original layer by pressing Control J. Rename it color. Move it to the top of the layer stack and change its blend mode to Color.  I reduced its opacity to 50% to make the color more subtle. clip it to the work layer.
Add Color from Orignal Image

Step 9 - (Optional) - Add Color from Orignal Image

Step 10 - Final Adjustments

blur edges of subject
When you are satisfied with the picture. Make a composite layer Control Shift Alt E.
While the composite layer is still active, Control Click the work layer. Choose Select-Modify-Contract 2pixels. Then choose Select-Modify-Feather 1 pixel. Then choose Select-Inverse and press the Delete key. This will put a soft edge around the subject to make it blend in better with the background. Reduce the opacity of the fill layer. I used 81%.

Stylized Portrait Using Posterize Tutorial Page 2

Choose Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur.This will have the effect of smoothing the edges and help achieve the the smooth anti-aliased look we want. Then merge with posterized layer

Step 6 - Blur arifacts

apply gaussian blur
final image Einstien

Final Image

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We have made charts for 3D Materials,Photoshop brushes, Photoshop custom
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You can use these charts as a quick reference to help you see at a glance what
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