Stylized Portrait Using Posterize

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a stylized portrait from an Picture.
Einstein Portrait Stylized

Original Picture (Cropped)

The original picture Einstein 1921 and is authored by Ferdinand  Schmutzer. Open Image. Double-Click it and rename it original. If image is not in RGB change mode to RGB. Crop the picture to your liking. In this picture I wanted to emphasize the upper body so I cropped away the bottom.
Einstein 1921
Select the Original layer. Crop out subject - I used quick selection tool. Use Control J to copy selection to new layer, name new layer work. Create a new layer above the original layer name it fill.  Fill it with b9b92e For now.

Step 1 - Cutout and Fill

Crop out subject and make fill layer

Step 2 - De-saturate and adjust levels.

De-saturate the work layer (shift Control U). If work layer is too light and doesn't have a lot of contrast make a levels adjustment(Control L) to bring out contrasts. On this image I moved the black input slider to the beginning of the graph. and the middle grey slider I left alone then moved the white slider to the end of the graph. Use settings 18,1.00,249
De-saturate the layer
Add a layer above the work layer name it touch-up and clip it to the work layer. Start touching up and rounding as necessary. Use the Alt-click method with a hard round brush. We want curved rounded areas to curve over any angled or jagged edges. This idea here is to stylize the image. then merge with posterized layer layer.

Step 5 - Touch-up Make Curvy and Smooth

make edges round and smooth

Step 3 - Posterize adjustment layer

Add a Posterize adjustment layer, clip it to layer. Use settings of 3 levels. When done, Merge the work and the Posterize layer and name the merged layer Posterized.
posterize the layer

Step 4 - Add Median Filter

Choose Filter - Noise - Median to Add a Median filter of 4 to the posterized layer.
add a median filter