Colorized Oil Painting from old B&W Photo- Continued

Photo with Camera Raw setting given

Step 5 - Make Composite Layer and apply Camera Raw Filter

These are the setting I used in the Camera Raw Filter. If you have CS5 or CS6 and want to use Camera Raw you still can, but its a more complicated procedure. As an alternative you can use Color Balance, Levels, and Vibrance adjustments. Although I got a much better result here with Camera Raw. I used the adjustment levels in the video tutorial to try and make it easier for people with different Photoshop versions.

Step 6 -Apply Oil Paint Filter

Oil Paint settings
Apply the Oil Paint filter to the Smart Object. If you have CS5, you can download Pixel Bender from the Adobe website and use the Pixel Bender Oil Paint tool.
Add a Color Balance Adjustment layer to the smart object. Here are the setting I used. I usually try to have the 3 values total zero.

Step 7 - Make Color Balance Adjustment

Photo with Color Balance adjustments settings

Final Result

Final result image repaired, colored, and oil painted
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