Colorized Oil Painting from old B&W Photo

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a stylized portrait from an Picture.
"Old Furniture" final colorized oil painting from old photo
The original picture Old Furniture by LSE Library, From 'Street Life in London', 1877, by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith: No known copyright restrictions.

Original Picture

Image Size Adjustment Box
I used the original image size for this tutorial. However, if you are planning on printing the final picture, I suggest you change the resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch, then Check Resample and choose Preserve details (enlargement).
Open up the original picture in Photoshop. Double-click on the Background layer and name it orig. Then Choose Filter - Adjustments - Black and white. On the presets dropdown choose Maximum Black. I've circled the major areas needing repair. If your starting picture is already B&W check the Mode. If mode is grayscale, change it to RGB Color.

Step 1 - Blacken and look for repair items

Blackened Photo with repair areas circled

Step 2 - Clean up and Repair

If the work layer is too light and doesn't have a lot of contrast make a levels adjustment(Control L) to bring out contrasts. On this image I moved the black input slider to the beginning of the graph. and the middle grey slider I left alone then moved the white slider a little farther to the right of the end of the graph. I did not want the whites to be too white as they need to pick up color.  I used settings 18,1.00,249.

I used the clone stamp tool to repair the major areas, then the Spot healing brush to fix some dust spots and scratches. Tiny problems won't make much difference as the Oil Paint Filter will cover them up.
Photo with areas reapaired with clone stamp

Step 3 - Color Ground and Distant Background

background and ground colored
Make a separate layer named Ground for the ground color. Use 9D 99 81 color with Blend mode of "Color" Paint over all the ground areas. It's ok to paint over chair legs etc.

Make a separate layer named Backdrop for the distant background area. Use 22 29 2E color with a Blend mode of "Color".
Original Old Photo
photo with all items colored

Step 4 - Color all items and people

Color all the rest of the items and people. I used the following layer names and colors. Make sure to use a Blend mode of "Color".

Wood - 2F 2A 23
Carpet -2E 36 43
Green Dress - 44 49 3D
Blue Dress - 60 68 6A
Skin- (paint over face and hands as well as hair and shoes) -9B 88 63
Books-64 59 51
Pans and Shadows (paint over dark areas inside shop, also pans and any
  other items in the shop or outside not yet painted) -60 68 6A