Double Key Coat of Arms Model

Swiss Double-Key Coat of Arms
3d Swiss Double-Key Coat of Arms
For this example, I used the Elements (key design) extrusion material. Then I textured all of the keys including the front inflation material with a gold material. I left the shield face its original (red) texture but made it real shiny and reflective and I played around with Image Based Lights and infinte lights.
This page supplements the video Make a Coat of Arms from an Image in Photoshop CC by MagicalFruitTuts.
Here are some before and after pictures of additional models made using the method in the video. Also some
were made using alternate methods. Explanations and hints are provided for each example.

Photoshop 3D Coat of Arms and Logos Made from 2D Images

Air Force Space Command Logo

Air Force Space Command Logo
3D Air Force Space Command Logo
I like the way this one came out. It is good example of what can be done with a government logo. The dark blue of the shield was the only area in the shield. Everything else was the Elements object. I did move and resize both the shield and the elements objects as well as bevel and inflate the elements.

Poland Griffin Crown Coat of Arms

Poland Griffin Crown Coat of Arms
3d Poland Griffin Crown Coat of Arms
This design was made according to the video method.  When there is metal in the image- such as the gold crown, I will usually make the shield extrustion material similar. i.e. in this case gold.

Southwest Bell Logo Model

Southwest Bell Logo
3d Southwest Bell Logo
This was also done using the video method. Since I was working with a photograph of the actual logo. I decided to leave the lettering as part of the elements. I could have made the lettering a third object to give me more control of them (i.e.extrusion). I added a reflection and textured the 2d background image to give the impression of a textured ground plane.

Finland Coat of Arms

Finland Coat of Arms
This is the main example worked up in the video tutorial. This was in svg format, I've found that vector images work best for this, but jpgs and pngs are fine also. The design on the shield was modeled exclusively with the Cap bevel and angle settings. I learned that the Front Bevel material automatically defaults to the original front inflation material.

Coat of Arms Crest Helmet Plate Emblem Swiss

Coat of Arms Crest Helment Plate Emblem Swiss
3d Coat of Arms Crest Helment Plate Emblem Swiss
Since the image was already seperated into discernable parts by the yellow, I decided to texture all the lion with metal steel texture. Then in the Cap properties for Inflation I used an angle of -33 degrees and Strength of 13%. I left the bevel alone. This was an experiment, however, I could have made a third object for the claws and the tounge and textured them with a redish metal.

3D Material Samples Panel

A Photoshop CC 3D Materials Sample Panel is provided. You can sample the default 3D materials as well as the free additonal 3D Materials provided by Adobe.

A fully rendered sample of every material applied to a model is available through interfacing with the content panel.
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Logo of the Nashville Sounds

Nashville Sounds Logo
3d Nashville Sounds Logo
This was an experiment using 5 objects - the shield using just the yellow in the image, the bat, the ball, the letters, and the elements were everything else. I wanted the bat to extend out on an angle. The ball is in the air, however on a more serious model I would bevel it out from the background. I made the letters a seperate object in order to control their extrusion seperately. I modified the blue 2d background image to give the impression of a seperate ground plane.