Colorful Poster/Comic Effect Tutorial

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show you how to turn your photos into an colorful posterdesign. This technique works well with images containing people of a size where they are not too close, but far enough away to make out general features. Also city, street, and market scenes seem to work well. I'll also show you how to make it a photoshop action so that you can run the action on other images easily. More examples of images created using this method are posted on our Poster Samples Page.
Seoul Street Final

Photo to Poster/Comic Effect Video

In this video I will show you how to apply an colorful poster effect to a photo. Note: In the video I worked with the entire picture. The web tutorial only works with a cropped out section of the original file.
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Original Image of a city scene in South Korea

The original file was modified by me to crop out a section. Credits for the original image named DSC01789  goes to stickerstack at Morguefile. The original image: DSC01789
Seoul Street Original