How to Photoshop a photo to a pencil sketch or line drawing.

There are many diffierent methods to acheive a line art or pencil sketch drawing from a photo.
Here are some excellent tutorals that demonstrate the methods. Below the tutorial link and description is the above example picture that I processed using the methods in that tutorial.
Test picture of a street to be used with 5 different tutorials
This is my favorite method, it uses motion blur, glowing edges and invert. Also the author shows you how to create an action to easily duplicate the effect with a press of the key. Once done, tweaks are available as it it mostly non-destructive.
result using Turn a Photograph into a drawing from ChChCheckitsClan
This method uses the divide Blend Mode as well as blur, and  desaturate sketch.It also allows for a little more control than some of the other methods. Linear Burn blend is also used as well as the method of making a composite snapshot.
result image using Photoshop: How to Transform Photos into Pencil Drawings by Bluelightningtv

Covert Photo to Line Drawing - from TechGuru77

This the most popular method used by many video tutorials. I call it the Color Dodge method. It basically involves Invert, Color Dodge blending mode, Gausian Blur, and desaturate. Some tutorials use Filter-Other-Minimize instead of the Blur. However the blur gives you more control as you have a slider bar to adjust the effect.
Covert Photo to Line Drawing from TechGuru77

Comics Effect in Photoshop by

This is a web tutorial. It uses specific settings for Filter-Other-Custom. The result is an almost comic effect with rough colors. Prior to blending the color layer into the picture with the Overlay blend mode, I made a picture of the desaturated image. I also am providing my result including the color blend. By the way Soft Light blend also works well here.
result image using Comics Effect in Photoshop by
Here is the above picture with the color layer blended with Overlay
color blended method
This is an excellent tutorial from an electronic scrapbooking site. Sketch is created using Find Edges then adjusted by Curves. The concept is to mix line/sketch drawing with color from the original photograph while artisically leaving out some line and color areas near the edges of the picture to create an artistic looking result. On the final color picture, I used the texturizer with a watercolor paper texture. Here is the line/sketch part of the process. Below that is the finalized color picture. When masking in the color, I varied the brush opacity to get a little more artistic effect.
Line sketch result form Scrappy Irene tutorial
Below I have finished the color portion of the tutorial.
Scrappy Irene method colored